First Client Appointment

This is your first appointment with me.  It is about 1 hour long and will begin your journey to wellness with extensive scans for pathogens, toxins and negative emotions and their subsequent clearing.  

Using QUANTUM RELEASETM, this initial appointment ensures we begin with a clean slate, optimum conditions for healing and a baseline of data as your systems heal.  

These scans are comprehensive- scanning every system in the body, bringing to the surface pathogens and toxins that have never been addressed by the body.   Once energetically eliminated, in that first appointment, the body is free to begin extensive repair of the damage caused by these hidden pathogens and toxins.  You will receive considerable information in this session, ranging from pathogen presence, extent of system damage, what areas are responsible for specific physical issues, and estimated healing time for individual systems.  


The fee for this appointment is $350.00 and is done via Zoom or over the phone, or a Small Group first client appointment is $300 and is done via Zoom in a small group setting.

After the First Appointment


As a result of the rapid pace of this work, subsequent appointment times can range time-wise considerably.  Sometimes they can last 15 minutes, sometimes 30, depending on the complexity of the problem and definitely depending on how long you want to be on the phone!


After your First Client Appointment, all payment is based on using minute based billing.  

After the First Client Appointment, my fee is $2.50 per minute which equals $150/hour.  I bill within about a week after our appointment via PayPal, but also take Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover upon request.

As appointments progress, you'll find that we spend less and less time together just shifting and adjusting as your healing progresses!


Intro To QC & FAQ's

"The Girl in the Lobby with Anthony Patch"




There is an incredible amount of

data in the Body...

And at the very first appointment I perform an Quantum Scan of the entire body, system by system, organ by organ, cell by cell.  And while you may think this would take an eternity because of its huge scope, this unique technique is very fast and able to target problem areas very quickly.


Quantum Scans turn up the unseen: energetic signatures of pathogens and toxins that are "stuck", that the body cannot kill or detox.  When those areas become "stuck," the body becomes un-well and cycles in and out of symptoms that the body cannot seem to resolve.


Sometimes this manifests as chronic illness, roaming pain, upsetting emotions that can disable, auto-immunity (the body attacking itself), Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and cyclical pain (comes and goes on a fairly regular cycle, like migraines).

Once the energetic cause is determined, I immediately customize commands for your particular body and your particular situation to release what the body was not able to release or that it was holding onto.


This technique is unique because I do not send you purchase homeopathic remedies, tinctures, natural antibiotics or other "pathogen killers" or de-toxers because the pathogens and toxins are no longer present in the body after a scan.


 With nothing blocking wellness,

the body is free to heal on its own.



Scans work for the most complex of situations, to the simplest. The rules for eliminating pathogens and toxins are the same regardless of how they manifest or how long you've had them in the body. 


While I do not diagnose any particular group of symptoms, I do identify common quantum signatures that identify with pathogens and toxins.  


Signatures that I have successfully eliminated include symptoms

that tend to look like:

  • Lyme Disease and it's co-infections

  • Pathogen (virus, bacterial, fungal, etc.) caused situations

  • Mycoplasmas and other difficult to resolve pathogens

  • Migraines

  • Acute Flu/cold issues

  • Chronic allergies (food, environmental, etc.)

  • Emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression,

    confusion, brain fog
  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Sleeplessness

  • Mysterious roaming pain

  • Headaches

  • Thyroid or other Hormonal imbalance issues

  • Profound debilitating traumas and/or abuse memories