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2022-2023 Quantum University Schedule


Year One

Every Tuesday 6-9PM Eastern

2022 Fall Semester

Sept 6: Muscle Testing 101: Current Modalities, Yes/No

Sept 13: Muscle Testing 101: What Can We Test? What Are We Testing?

Sept 20: Muscle Testing 101: Reflex Action Learning/Interference

Sept 27: Muscle Testing 101: Three Level Testing


Oct 4: Muscle Testing 101: Testing Remotely, Foods, Supplements

Oct 11: LAB: Muscle Testing Practice

Oct 18: Q&A Discussion, Asking the Body Questions Using Scripts

Oct 25: NO CLASS

Nov 1: Crash Course in Quantum Physics: Why We Need Quantum Physics

Nov 8: Crash Course in Quantum Physics: Manipulation of Forces

Nov 15: Crash Course in Quantum Physics: Observer Effects

Nov 22: NO CLASS: Thanksgiving week

Nov 29: Introduction to Scan Work: What is a Scan?

Dec 6: Using List A: What is on this List and how do you use it

Dec 13: Programming DNA: What exactly is Quantum Release?                

(Last Class Before Christmas Holiday)

2023 Spring Semester

Jan 10: Systems of the body: What is Real, What is in the Body

Jan 17: Systems of the body: What is a body Part?  Scanning the body

Jan 24: Practice/Scans

Jan 31: Inhalants, Injectants, Ingestants, Contactants

Feb 7: Pathogens: Viruses and other created Biowarfare

Feb 14: NO CLASS: Valentine’s Day

Feb 21: Pathogens: Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, Mycobacteria, Mycoplasmas, Parasites, Plant Pathogens, Prions

Feb 28: Where did the endocrine system go? Hormone List, Neurotransmitter List


Mar 7: Practice/Scans

Mar 14: Toxins: Man Made/Naturally Occuring

Mar 21: NO CLASS

Mar 28: Periodic Table of Elements

Apr 4: Introduction to Technology in the Body

Apr 11: Introduction to Technology in the Body: Grids, Quantum Entanglement, Everything is Connected

Apr 18: End of Year Wrap Up

Year TWO

Every Thursday 6-9PM Eastern

2022 Fall Semester

Aug 30: Why Are We Really Sick?/Deconstructing MFI: Ingredients of the Pathogen

Sept 6: Deconstructing MFI: GeoLocator & Quantum Locator

Sept 13: Deconstructing MFI: Microtrap & Boson

Sept 20: Deconstructing MFI: Quantum Computer and Qubit & Light Matter

Sept 27: What exactly is Quantum Release?/The Quantum Command

Oct 4: Using List B: Technology and Sentience Identification and Traits

Oct 11: The Black Box of Artificial Intelligence: Self Learning, Self governing, Self Adaptation

Oct 18: NO CLASS

Oct 25: Creating the Perfect Human via Artificial Intelligence

Nov 1: Client Interface Appointment

Nov 8: Methodologies of Quantum & Technological Distribution to the Body

Nov 15: What is a Grid?  How are we all gridded? Quantum Entanglement & its Primary Uses

Nov 22: NO CLASS Thanksgiving week

Nov 29: Layering of technology/Targeted Individuals

Dec 6: Client Interface Appointment

Dec13: Client Interface Appointment

2023 Spring Semester

Jan 12: Black Goo: Sentient Genomics, Creating a New Human Race

Jan 19: Black Goo: Symptoms, Signs, Relief

Jan 26: Chem Trails: Gridding the Population, Programming the Population

Feb 2: I See Smart Dust, Smart Dust Everywhere

Feb 9: Client Interface Appointment

Feb 16: NO CLASS: Valentine's Day

Feb 23: Morgellons: Internal Particle Colliders

Mar 2: Using mRNA & Pharmaceuticals to Program and Traffic Humans

Mar 9: Quantum Tunneling Particle Programs into the Body: Remote Warfare

Mar 16: Particle Fields and How to Manifest Control, Thought & Illness

Mar 23: NO CLASS

Mar 30: Client Interface Appointment

Apr 6: Vaccine Microchipping

Apr 13: Technological Human DNA injected into the body via Vaccines: Signs, Symptoms, Relief

Apr 20: Client Interface Appointment

Apr 27: Year Wrap Up

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