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The Health Crisis

I was doing very well before I contracted "Lyme disease" in September 2009.  I was a successful stay-at-home mom, with Type A ambitions and a zest for life. I was having a great time at my local church on the Worship team and raising my two little ones and two weeks away from having my third.


Then I went on a hike.  And within a few months, my world came crashing down around me.  I became ill, suddenly, with (I thought) a flu I couldn't shake and a fever I couldn't medicate.


Within months, my symptoms began to spiral down into profound fatigue and body aches.  Previously a very healthy mama, I knew something was profoundly wrong.  


Living on the East Coast, the Lyme Epidemic was just beginning.  There were few doctors who knew how to treat it and even fewer who would recognize it if it walked through their front door.  But I had several friends at the time who had contracted Lyme and were up-to-date with the latest technologies and natural cures.  I knew that, based on the timing, it was likely that it was too late for antibiotics.  Plus, so many people I knew had been put on antibiotics with no effect.  


But, hey, this was just going to be a speed bump though.  I was really healthy before I got it and plus, I knew aaaaaaall kinds of innovative "natural treatments" that were just gonna knock this thing out of the park.  I was gonna be over this thing in a few weeks and get on with my life!


Except that days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. And nothing was working.  I was getting bad and I wasn't making any headway.  What was happening to me?  Why couldn't I beat this?  I was the queen of the "All natural!"  God gave us herbs to, like, eat, and heal ourselves, man (cue reggae, hippy music here), so why weren't they working?  What was I missing? Jokes aside, really, though.  I was seriously trying everything there was out there.  Why was I getting worse?

Trying Everything...

So, during those years, I threw everything I knew at this disease. 


Here's the short list of what I tried:

  • Salt/C Therapy (brutal)

  • Samento, Banderol Tinctures (even more brutal)

  • Garlic and other natural antibiotics (a waste of time) (which always worked before with flu bugs and tummy aches)

  • French Green Clay to absorb toxins

  • Probiotics and digestive cleanses

  • Parasite cleanses (just shoot me now)

  • Enzymes of every kind to break the "biofilms" (about nearly killed me)

  • Rifing (officially putting me in the "Weirdo" category at that point), cycles of herxing, detoxing, then more herxing and more detoxing, over and over again.

  • Enemas (ahem, embarrassing)

  • Epson Salt Baths

  • Paleo Diet

  • Gluten free/casin free diet

  • GAPS Diet

  • Juicing, Smoothying, Purreeing

  • and much, much more as detailed on my previous blog


If they had told me a new research paper came out on horse manure relieving symptoms of Lyme disease, you would have seen me rolling in it with great fervor and dedication in my neighbor's pasture.




In fact, I was getting worse.

The Symptoms

I was so ill three years into this disease state that I was experiencing:


  • Severe brain fog and confusion.  I would drive somewhere and forget how I got there and how to get home (which is very scary, by the way).  I couldn't pay my bills and specifically remember not being able to figure out how to put a stamp on an envelope.  This is humiliating for someone who likes reading quantum physics for fun.


  • Excruciating body pain.  I felt like my body was burning up from the inside out.  I was an inferno of pain 24-7.  My children and husband couldn't touch me because of my skin sensitivity.  This was devastating for someone whose love language is primarily touch.


  • Body aches and roaming symptoms.  I would have weird symptoms, like out of nowhere, my left pinky toe would hurt.  I felt like I had the flu, all the time.


  • Weakness and profound fatigue and exhaustion- it was as if someone had poured lead into my bones.  I could barely walk and was on the couch most of the time.


  • Lyme rages- I couldn't control my anger and hostility and felt crazy most of the time.


  • "Small" things that would lower my morale like loss of grip strength that forced me to give up playing guitar or inability to play with my kids because I was too tired.  Or not being able to wear my wedding band anymore because I couldn't tolerate wearing jewelry. 


  • Weird shaking that looked like seizures except I was conscious during the attack, but couldn't control anything going on.


  • Apocalyptic thoughts of sudden destruction: My mind would invent horrible ways that I, my children or husband would die- the house catching fire, my children getting hit by a car, landslides, tornados, lightning strikes, kidnappings, Ebola. You name it, it would be before me in real time in my mind tormenting me.  I lived in constant, irrational fear.


  • Food allergies and sensitivities that I'd never had before in my entire life. Suddenly, I couldn't eat wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, oats, and eventually no grains of any type at all and quickly my food options became severely limited.


  • Overstimulation by my environment.  I couldn't bear a lot of activity happening around me.  It was intolerable to go to a mall or a concert or sometimes even to church.  I couldn't be around groups, or any sustained noise for very long.


  • Personal product sensitivity: my deodorant? Made me sick.  My shampoo? Made me sick.  My hairspray? Made me sick.  Candles? Sick. Perfume? Out of the question.  Scented laundry detergent? Not on your life. Glade plug ins?  Devastating.  I was afraid of everything, everyone, everywhere.  I could smell a toxin a mile away and, guess what, it made me sick. When I thought I couldn't possibly feel sicker, I would somehow I'd smell someone's perfume and feel horribly worse.


  • Pain, Pain, Pain. I was in continual pain.  I never stopped being in pain.  It was unbearable and wretched and I thought I would die just from pain fatigue.  When I took pain meds, they would only take the edge off, but then off the meds I would flare up bigger than what I was already experiencing. So, I opted to stay off the meds, which meant no reprieve from the continuous, perpetual pain that I experienced.  

The Breakthrough

Answers and Healing...

The process to understanding the vast complexity of disease states and what causes them (particularly Lyme disease) was far reaching.  I investigated everything that was out there.  


Quantum work, muscle testing and speaking the body's quantum language were the keys that fit into the locks previously unopened by traditional and non-traditional medicine.  


As I innovated and implemented these techniques, I found an incredible change toward healing.  Fine-tuned, I began to see accelerated change within weeks.  


It is this accelerated rate

that I bring to clients.  


Clients experience in weeks and months what usually takes years to achieve through traditional methods.


Physical and emotional wellness begin to emerge while symptoms dissipate. Leaps and bounds are made and the limitless becomes possible.  


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