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First Year
2022-3 Schedule


First Year Overview &
2022-3 Schedule

The goal of the First Year Quantum Command University is simply this:  Learn the fundamental skill set of muscle testing.  There is no other gateway to understanding the full nature of this Quantum Work without beginning to master the workhorse of the reflexive nature of the body.  First Year Students will learn the correct strategies, language and quantum principles that can be directly applied to muscle testing day to day.  

Learning to muscle test day to day is akin to practicing the fundamentals of any sport- and we work hard each class building on the week previous to set your testing up for success.   

Fundamental skills include: learning how to connect, product testing, nutrient testing, hormone disruption testing and getting yeses and nos as an accurate reflexive response rather than muscle testing being an ambiguous, interpretative exercise.  

Fundamental skills also include: learning the true nature of the body, both on physical scales and quantum scales and how the two interact through the acquisition of data from the body.   


Learning the quantum nature of the body and how to best access and assess the quantum data in the body expands the skill set implementations to a degree not offered by any other paradigm.  This allows students an immersion into a very unique paradigm that can fundamentally change their perception of the world and what can be known. 

Participating in class practice time as well as in class-practice calls provides exciting, interesting opportunities to assist in the successful understanding and practice of this work.

We will observe real life modeling of this work with practical tools to perform scans that will provide every day implementation into your life right away.   The goal of the first year is for you to be able to scan yourself and others and troubleshoot issues, just like you see me do everyday.  

First Year curriculum is grounded in helping the student understand the common pitfalls and mistakes that convolute the paradigm of muscle testing.  Live classes allow us to practice in real time, perfecting language design and participating in troubleshooting so that you can know how your testing can become reliable. This strategy helps students avoid common mistakes that create negative cyclical testing results that are confusing and just plain incorrect.

First Year is perfect for the student who wishes to explore the paradigm of muscle testing and implement it for the enrichment of their health while feeling confident that they can gain a dialogue with the information in the body that allows for the understanding of their interaction with their environment.  


With this practical skill set under the students belt, muscle testing allows for a reinterpretation of the students environment that will give them available resources to provide for themselves and their family and react to problems in ways that are most effective and most efficient.    

2022-2023 Quantum University Schedule: Year One


Year One

Every Tuesday 6-8PM Eastern

2022 Fall Semester

Sept 6: Muscle Testing 101: Current Modalities, Yes/No

Sept 13: Muscle Testing 101: What Can We Test? What Are We Testing?

Sept 20: Muscle Testing 101: Reflex Action Learning/Interference

Sept 27: Muscle Testing 101: Three Level Testing


Oct 4: Muscle Testing 101: Testing Remotely, Foods, Supplements

Oct 11: LAB: Muscle Testing Practice

Oct 18: NO CLASS

Oct 25: Q&A Discussion, Asking the Body Questions Using Scripts

Nov 1: Crash Course in Quantum Physics: Why We Need Quantum Physics

Nov 8: Crash Course in Quantum Physics: Manipulation of Forces

Nov 15: Crash Course in Quantum Physics: Observer Effects

Nov 22: NO CLASS: Thanksgiving week

Nov 29: Introduction to Scan Work: What is a Scan?

Dec 6: Using List A: What is on this List and how do you use it

Dec 13: Programming DNA: What exactly is Quantum Release?                

(Last Class Before Christmas Holiday)

2023 Spring Semester

Jan 10: Systems of the body: What is Real, What is in the Body

Jan 17: Systems of the body: What is a body Part?  Scanning the body

Jan 24: Practice/Scans

Jan 31: Inhalants, Injectants, Ingestants, Contactants

Feb 7: Pathogens: Viruses and other created Biowarfare

Feb 14: NO CLASS: Valentine’s Day

Feb 21: Pathogens: Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, Mycobacteria, Mycoplasmas, Parasites, Plant Pathogens, Prions

Feb 28: Where did the endocrine system go? Hormone List, Neurotransmitter List


Mar 7: Practice/Scans

Mar 14: Toxins: Man Made/Naturally Occuring

Mar 21: NO CLASS

Mar 28: Periodic Table of Elements

Apr 4: Introduction to Technology in the Body

Apr 11: Introduction to Technology in the Body: Grids, Quantum Entanglement, Everything is Connected

Apr 18: End of Year Wrap Up

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