Quantum Program Overview

Quantum Command University's program is the study of Quantum Command techniques.  This program prepares one to implement the full nature of quantum work as it applies to interacting with the quantum nature of the body and what effects its ecosystem.  


Students will learn the methods and approaches needed to master the Quantum Command system and Quantum Release. 


Learning this approach, students will be empowered to implement this technique for the benefit of their own health, or for the health of others. 


Program Overview

This program consists of rigorous exploration and mastery of quantum work within the body. It offers several key advantages:

  • the learning and empowerment to study and use cutting edge quantum work on yourself, and others, while freeing youself from the constant intersecting of allopathic medicine.

  • the potential to create your own income stream with the gratification of helping others and becoming financially independent.

  • being on the cutting edge of quantum body work, taking advantage of continual education as you and other practitioners expand the knowledge base with your implementation of this work in your varied applications. 


What Will I Study?

Year One consists of 24 weeks (a full collegiate year) of intensive study of all subjects related to the introductory concepts of quantum body work.

Year One:

  • Muscle Testing 101  

  • Systems of the Body

  • Crash Course In Quantum Physics

  • Quantum Pathogen

  • Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus

  • The Diversity of Pathogens

  • The Nature of Toxins

  • Emotional Components

  • Asking the Body

  • The Language of the Quantum

  • Three Level Testing

Year Two topics expand to include quantum work, its interactions  within the body and its uses toward toxins and pathogens.  There will be a heavy emphasis on the practical application of this work through group and individual interaction and the encouragement of building all skill sets to empower full implementation of this technique (also 24 weeks long).

Year Two: 

  • Scanning the Body & Client Work

  • Commanding the Body & Asking the Body Questions

  • Quantum Release Infrastructure

  • Implementation of Commands

  • Targeted Individuals and Layered Technology

  • Technological Infrastructure within the body

  • List B Work: How technology interacts with the body

  • Modeling of Quantum Work

  • Pathogens, Toxins, Periodic Table of Elements, Human DNA, Black Goo, Smart Dust


How & When do we Meet?

All classes meet once a week, are online, and live. There may also be  workshops and office hour times for additional instruction to be announced through the year.  

Class for 2021 will begin the first week of September, likely on Thursday nights.  Feel free to join a Quantum Command University Interest Call to get a more detailed schedule.  



Application Fee: $25.00


Year One Tuition: $5,500.00 payable by check or credit card, due July 15

Year Two Tuition: $6,000 payable by check or credit card, due by July 15