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Quantum Command University

Year Two Overview

The primary goals of the Second Year are to directly implement Advanced skill sets with the either the intent of developing a client base or to enrich their lives with a quantum paradigm that will assist them in their personal development.

Second Year material is comprehensively exciting, intensive and very challenging. 


Second Year Students will integrate the paradigm of the Quantum Command technique into their ecosystem resulting in students implementing muscle testing in ways that are applicable to better understanding the body system and systems surrounding the individual.  

The Second Year is all about a new context within which we study and implement this work.  We will explore the systemic artificial intelligence grid that comprehensively effects our health and wellness within the human body.  Technologies explored include black goo, smart dust integrations into genomic and viral warfare, identification of targeted individuals and layered technologies within the body, remote particle warfare, mRNA technologies, and others invasive strategies that effect our health and well-being.


These technologies are examined with profound analysis, and attention is given to existing and collapsed infrastructures that have been developed for algorithmic control of the human body.   The student will learn how to identify these and their symptom groups and navigate the release of these from the body.  

The Second Year will observe real life modeling of this work in a client setting for observation of client work in real time to better learn technique strategies. These are hands on sessions that really dive into the practical implementation of this work to help students best implement this work.

Advanced Scan Protocols are taught, including the correct methodologies for identifying and interacting with technologies and genetic materials foreign to the body that a client may face.    


Complex health problems that people suffer are understood and explained with the context of grid work, the discovery of the technology hidden in the body, and the existing infrastructure that supports these systems.  

Year Two is a level of implementation that can give you strategies and understanding for some of the most complex health issues that we face today. 


Truly, knowledge is power and with the implementation of these techniques, a world of understanding and strategy is opened up to infinite potentialities.  

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